Integrated India
Debt IPO
Allotment Status
IPO / Rights Issue
Allotment Status
NCD Interest
  • On Boarding Clients with Depositories - ISIN Creation.
  • Assisting Lead Managers & Company for Pre-issue work.
  • Filing assistance from Integrated with expert team.
  • Sending Instructions to Direct Asba, Broker Asba and UPI Banks.
  • Assisting Brokers, Bankers for queries during the issue period.
  • Collection of Final Certificate & Schedule from Banks, after the issue closure.
  • Reconciliation and preparation of Technical Rejections.
  • Preparation of Minutes and Basis of Allotment for Submission to Exchange's approval.
  • Credit of allotted shares by CA and provide related reports for listing.
  • Sending fund transfer instructions to get the funds in public issue account.
  • Assisting Company in Listing reports.
  • Investor correspondences.
Integrated India

Integrated Registry Management Services Private Limited.
2nd Floor, "Kences Towers",
No.1 Ramakrishna street,
North Usman Road,
Chennai - 600017

Category I Registrar And Share Transfer Agent
SEBI Regd. INR000000544
CIN No:U74900TN2015PTC101466 ,

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